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Our Menu

We strive to use the best ingredients in our dishes. Our cooks always try their best to make sure you get the best flavors in your meals. Check our our menu!
All items are served with traditional Mexican rice, beans and coleslaw unless otherwise noted.
Please be advised that our enchilada sauce has peanut butter and gluten free flour.
Mole sauce has nuts and our ranchero sauce has gluten free flour.
You may find a chicken bone in any chicken dish.

* = Mild  ** = Medium   *** = Hot

Interesting Fact


The Aztec Calendar Stone, carved in the early 16th century, is enormous. The face of the stone contains various mythological and astrological figures and signs. The most important figure in the stone is Tonatiuh, the sun god, located in the center. Aztec priests used this calendar to keep track of important festival dates. The Aztec solar year contained 18 months of 20 days each, with 5 extra days. Time was divided into “centuries” of 52 years. The calendar represents the Aztec belief that the universe had already passed through four world creations, which had all been destroyed. We are now in the fifth creation, which is doomed to destruction by earthquakes. According to Aztec mythology, the sun, the moon, and human beings were successfully created at the beginning of the fifth era.


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